The Enhanced Income Fund is a medium risk find which suits the short to medium investment needs of Anglican affiliated organisations who;

  1. Wish to have an income focussed investment and access to funds for short to medium term liquidity requirements
  2. Invest in a portfolio of cash, cash style investments and other financial assets with returns “enhanced” by participation in the Fund which holds a portfolio of investments designed to outperform the investment benchmark
  3. Invest ethically

The Fund invests as per the investment policy of the fund which allows the following asset classes;

  1. Australian Stock Exchange listed securities, unlisted Over The Counter (OTC) securities such as bonds subordinated notes and interest rate securities
  2. Term Deposits and Short-Term Securities
  3. Cash
  4. Unit Trusts which invest in the above securities

Key Features

Minimum Investment$25,000
Income DistributionCalculated Quarterly
Investment Benchmark ReturnAustralian 90-day bank bill Index (SBCBB) plus a margin of 150 basis points
Suggested Investment Term1-3 years
Unit PricingWeekly
Buy Sell spread0.10%