An activity of the The Synod of the Diocese of Adelaide of the Anglican Church of Australia since the 1960’s, AFSA was established as a means for Parishes, Anglican Schools and Anglican Agencies to invest and access stable funding for church and charitable projects, and also to invest their endowment and every-day funds. AFSA is governed by an independent Board of Directors appointed by the Diocesan Council, which is effectively the Executive committee of the Synod.

AFSA’s Board and Management are primarily Anglicans, predominantly drawn from the professional ranks of the banking, funds management, and mutual sectors. Though the present-day activities of AFSA have existed since inception, in 2008 AFSA was divided into two distinct activities the Community Fund and the Endowment Fund. No matter whether you are a Parish, an Anglican School or an Anglican Agency, you will be comforted to know that by working with AFSA, you are making a valuable contribution to your Anglican community.